About The Feather Collection

OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society is a registered non-profit organization whose staff and volunteers are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned raptors and to educating the public on the conservation and importance of them. 

Yana Roney owner and CEO of Highly Spirited and her husband Hazzard Roney have been rescuing raptors for 8 years plus now in and around Squamish, BC.

The feather collection logo was drawn from an injured raptor that had been electrocuted and saved by volunteers Yana and Hazzard. When Yana created the idea for Highly Spirited Apparel, Hazzard knew that using the feather they had saved would create the perfect logo. Especially once chatting with the local indigenous community and elders in regards to the usage of a feather.

We rescue dozens of eagles, owls, hawks, vultures and ravens a year in Squamish. The main problem around here is poisoning, electrocution, and cars. Most cases are human caused unfortunately. Which is why having a sustainable slow fashion brand is close to our hearts Raptors are important because they help control animal populations and are an integral part of keeping natural systems in balance. We enjoy donating a portion of proceeds to such an amazing organization such as OWL rehabilitation

"Our success is measured by the dedication of our volunteers. Hazzard and Yana have been instrumental in rescuing injured raptors, they have shown to be dependable, trustworthy, and devoted. Hazzard and Yana’s passion for wildlife extends to the public when they arrange rescues and releases with them.  They have shown great ability to adapt to new situations. We would not hesitate to continue to work with Hazzard and Yana." 

- Rob Hope, General manager at OWL


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