About The Mountain Collection

Rising from the shores of Slocan Lake high into the sky is a special place, the Valhalla's. Plucked from the stories of Norse legends like Ullr, Odin and Gladshiem, these granite mountain walls, lush inland temperate rainforest and meadows of wildflowers is a place of rugged beauty, peace and rejuvenation. 

This pristine wilderness supports an abundance of life, many endangered animals and plants. These plants that call the Valhalla's home all work together to clean the fresh water flowing into Slocan Lake and river. The deep forest stabilizes the slopes and moderates the weather to give us an incredible climate. Join us in our mission to support this truly unique mountain range and it's incredible living ecosystem. It is truly a living inspiration for generations to come.
We are very proud that a portion (3% of all sales) of the Highly Spirited Mountain Collection goes to the non-profit organization The Valhalla Wilderness Society in New Denver, British Columbia.