Born in beautiful British Columbia, we have spent our whole lives running the rivers, hiking the deserts of the interior, walking west coast beaches, riding the mountains, and exploring forests.
We feel our special connection to nature, our Earth, and everything around us that leaves us in awe every day. 
We want to share this with you and inspire everyone to stay inspired and connected during every adventure.

We are Highly Spirited.

Family-owned and operated, we are committed to the goal of a bright and prosperous future for our children and our planet.
Dedicated to hard work and keeping an open perspective, we make slow-fashion apparel that is unique, colourful, and ethical. 
Our founder, Yana, works hard and plays harder. With a passion for life and living it to it's fullest, she has created something we can all enjoy and feel great about in every aspect - from design, to teamwork, sourcing and supporting other Canadian small businesses and to hand-dying EVERY SINGLE GARMENT, she is an inspiration. 
Every single Highly Spirited garment is hand-dyed to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Just like you.

“Being Highly Spirited is a gift you give to yourself, to remind you of your freedom and following the joy your heart desires.” 

About Our Collections

Highly Spirited is not only a sustainable clothing company, we give back! Proceeds from every sale in a specific collection go to a non-profit we support.
A portion of our sales from our Mountain Collection will be supporting the non-profit organization The Valhalla Wilderness SocietyLearn More
A portion of our sales from our Feather Collection helps OWL rescue injured raptor owls. Learn More